Rehabilitation Counseling Associates, Inc., is an independent, private, family owned disability management company established in 1986 by John and Jeanna Orphanidys. The firm has been a part of the Tampa Bay area community for over two decades.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Rehabilitation Counseling Associates is considered a professional leader in the field of vocational rehabilitation, medical and vocational case management, vocational rehabilitation in marital dissolution cases, and individual psychotherapy.

Within the Workers’ Compensation system, Rehabilitation Counseling Associates, has worked to enhance the professional competency and qualifications of their staff and as members of the Rehabilitation community, in the development of continuing education and career development.

They have been active in legislation of the industrial injured. They continue to contribute to fostering high standards of ethical conduct through the professional association and encourage these standards of professional performance within the Rehabilitation field and their staff. They have worked with graduate school programs at the University of South Florida in promoting Rehabilitation. John has served on the external advisory committee of the Rehabilitation Counseling/Mental Health Counseling program.

The firm has been very active in providing internships to high schools, colleges, as well as graduate students, many of which have come to be valued as long term employees within the firm.